About Us

We strongly believe in the promotion of the Philippines, its National Language and Culture. 
All our tutors are native Tagalog speakers and have years of teaching experience.

Our Tutors

Clarinda Mansfield

Clarinda has a degree in Architecture and years of teaching experience. She enjoys sharing our culture and many memes in Tagalog which help make our classes fun and enjoyable. Clarinda finds great pleasure in teaching Tagalog & seeing our students speak the language through our classes. Photography & cake-decorating are just some of the many interests that she has.

Stella Sait

A writer by profession and a published author of a short novel in e-book form. Stella loves children and for the past 15 years, has been involved in Sunday school of her local parish, doing lesson plans, teaching, and creating engaging activities. She is also an instructor for DancinFit, an adult dance fitness class.

Luigi Crespo

Founder of ILAW LTD, Luigi designed our course syllabus. She has more than 20 years of experience in teaching languages and is also currently a librarian by profession. She is passionate about teaching Tagalog/Filipino and believes that learning any language is beneficial as it bridges a gap between cultures & opens a window to endless possibilities.